Monday, February 16, 2015

By Land Or By Sea!

FINALLY! After waiting and saving and waiting some more, I decided to treat myself for my birthday. With the intention of filling the remaining space on my upper arm, I trotted myself into Downtown Tattoo ready to get to work! I had some thoughts on what I wanted to do- it's a long narrow space so I had to plan carefully. There were a few ideas I had but nothing concrete...that space! Ugh. I just couldn't "see" what would work.

Downtown Tattoo, Downtown Las Vegas, Nevada
Buddy Holiday to the rescue! This is my second session with him, and I will not be going anywhere else and long as he will have me :) I explained my dilemma and he offered up a few suggestions after taking a look at the area in question. After discussing a dagger and snake but not finding the best look for me, Buddy pulled out the winner-winner-chicken-dinner. Situating into the available space like it was the plan all along, I left there with the purdiest mermaid I ever did see. Clean lines, vibrant colors and just the right size- I am happy as a clam! (See what I did there? Man, I'm hysterical.)

By Buddy Holiday
Thank you once again to Buddy and the crew at Downtown Tattoo Las Vegas. By far the best tattoo experiences I have ever had...more to come!

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Coming Soon To A Pinterest Board Near You...

In the ever ongoing quest to tinker with being healthful, creative and organized I've been trying some things I've pinned on my Pinterest boards. A few failures- such as the Listerine/Vinegar foot soak that is alleged to make the rough skin on your feet wipe right off...Which while it did leave my feet smelling like minty pickles and tinted a beautiful light blue, did not even put a dent in the gnar on my heels.

Follow me on Pinterest...Let's experiment together!
That said, I've decided to add a new page to the blog called "Verrry Pinteresting".
Join me on my journey of new recipes, gift-making and beauty tricks! I'll give you the lowdown on the showdown before YOU turn YOUR feet blue, scaly and pickle fresh-breathy. 

Stay tuned!

Saturday, January 10, 2015

New Chucks & Podcast Drama

First of all, if you wear Chucks you know that new Chucks are the best. I got some for Christmas. YAHOO!

Now on to more pressing items. The podcast I listen to the most (because it's familiar, funny-ish and posted daily) fell victim to some drama last week and the host came out looking 
like a world class d-bag. Ain't no body got time for that. 
That said, I started cruising around and found a gem! The Movie Crypt  is so perfect for me! 
If you love horror movies, you really should check it out.

Horror filmmakers Adam Green and Joe Lynch wax poetic about the biz, give commentary on films (while not a horror movie, I have to say the Love Actually one is my favorite) and host RAD and insightful interviews with genre legends like Kane Hodder, Danielle Harris and Bill Moseley. Listening to their appreciation as true fans (catch the Sid Haig chat :) and the buddy banter makes for good podcasting. Nothing pretentious here, just a couple of guys doing what they love. I can't wait to hear more!

I'd be remiss if I didn't share with you The Corpse Cast podcast too. After listening for over a year, I'm a regular. Shane Diablo  and Mike Cadaver review a movie and band a week (usually some gnarly metal, punk or -billy of some sort) and pose a "Question of the Week" for listeners to call in about. They play the calls on the following show. They're funny, candid and a little naughty. Just like I like 'em.

Now just for fangirl fun...
Sid Haig - Fright Dome 2009/Bill Moseley - Fangoria Horror Con 2009
Bill doesn't look as excited as I do.
In my search for podcasts to subscribe to I've also discovered The Jasta Show (Jamey Jasta from Hatebreed), Final Level Podcast (Ice-T) and am STILL loving Throwing Shade.

I'd love to hear what you're listening to! Any must-hear podcasts?

Thursday, January 1, 2015

So It's 2015. Now What?

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. 2014 that is. It's been 2015 for 27 minutes and I am reflecting a bit, eating some cake (it IS a party, right?) and deciding what needs to be done and what I would LIKE to do with the 364 days ahead.

(June 24th-ish, 2014)
I'm going to give more. Whether it's time, attention or tangibles. To friends, family and strangers. It feels good to help. It's also healthy for your head and your heart. Most importantly it makes other people feel good and you never know, you could make a difference. When you can, do.

(Las Vegas PRIDE 2014)
I'ma do me, Boo. Make the time to take the time. Read a book now and then, replace the plants I killed (straight murdered those things, I'm afraid), take better care of my body and my soul. Post more on this blog o'mine. Allow some "me time". Get more tattoos :)
(March 2014 - I think)
Most importantly, I am going to continue to be mindful of all the things I have to be grateful for. Everyone has some tough times. Everyone feels down or insecure sometimes. Taking a step back and REALLY looking, I am one lucky gal. A husband that is truly my BFF, a loving family near and far, some sweet ass wiener dogs, a wonderful work family, being a part of something I am truly passionate about professionally and nothing but opportunity ahead. (Life really IS beautiful :)

(Spring 2014)
So to you, I say go for it. Whatever it is. Make your New Year yours. Wishing you a healthy, prosperous and superawesomefantastic 2015! #sweetlife

Sunday, July 27, 2014

LP & Freddy Bell Jones...No Shade!

Talky, talky, talky. Lately I have been preferring podcasts over music in the car. 
Don't get me wrong- 
I still jam my face off when the mood strikes but as of late (in the car) I use a podcast app I found (Stitcher) and have discovered a world of conversation and story that I would not find on terrestrial radio or Sirius XM. Mainstream news and chat is either depressing or lame. Plus it's free, so there's that.

My #1 favorite podcast discovery is Throwing Shade. The only thing I DON'T like about it is that they only post one a week. I could use more shade throwing in my life. It's funny, informative AND snarky, a recipe for successful newscasting if you ask me :)

@gibblertron @bryansafi
Go ahead, treat yourself. WATCH THIS!!

Among all the inappropriate hilarity (the best kind, if you ask me) there are sometimes musical guests that join this gruesome twosome for a chat, a round of "Shade or No Shade" and an acoustical performance. Once again, providing things that the old FM doesn't, introducing (me) to artists that I would not have discovered on my own. Case in point, LP. Consider me changed. On a few levels.

As I listened to her interview, I realized that universe needs more people like this gal. Chill, kind, funny and humble- but with an ownership of her passion and talent for music. Her voice is unique and strong. Her songwriting is heartfelt and poetic. Consider those elements AND that she plays the ukelele and whistles like an angel-bird (you know, angel-birds :)...Violá!

Sweet salvation for your earballs and your soul. Thank you, LP. I'm feeling it. 

Monday, May 26, 2014

Punk Rock's Getting Old and I Wouldn't Have It Any Other Way

Punk rock. It's fast, loud and messy. Just like I like it. A symbol of reckless youth stickin' it to the man. Youth isn't forever, but if you were a punk rock kid, there is a good chance it's sticks with you forever. 

Yes. That's me circa 1999.
It's funny how we see ourselves- frozen in time almost. It's not until you congregate with your fellow punks for a night of awesome old school bands that you notice you're not the youngest ones in the room anymore. Beards are grey, tattoos are a little faded and who let those kids in here?

With our "party like it's your job" days long behind us, the mister and I still consider ourselves punk rock but prefer to listen to it from the comfort of our car and sofa. We don't go to bars or shows that much, it has to be something pretty special to get us out into the universe. Last night was one of those nights! We were lucky enough to be invited to Punk Rock Bowling, and got VIP wristbands. Thank God for that, there's no way we could have stood in that crowd for 4 hours (old folks symptom #1).

We cut loose and had some drinks, people-watched and rocked our faces off. 
The Adicts sounded better than ever- and beamed with UK punk glory! 
Loud, gaudy and profane...perfection.
The Dwarves killed it...and we sang along to songs we haven't heard in ages. 
The Descendents were the headliner...Milo for Pres!! They too have aged but gracefully. 
They showed us why they are punk rock royalty. 

The real motivator to get us out of the house was Face To Face. The mister and I don't have a song, we have a band. Face To Face is our band :) 

Imagine my excitement when we got the sneaky-peak from backstage!! We sang every song. They sounded perfect and the crowd was totally into it. For a moment it was 15 years ago...and my boyfriend (now my mister) were in my car playing hooky from work and cruising the mean streets of the LV. 

Me and the mister circa 2001
Whether it's punk, rap, country...whatever you're into...Music really does so many things. It's magic. Last night was a reminder that as we grow older we are becoming wiser, more experienced and hopefully moving forward in our lives. 
It was also a reminder that punk rock is rad no matter what age you are.

Mr. and Mrs. - 2014

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tattoo Fevah...Part Deux!

Look. I like tattoos. A lot. I'm not getting all crazy and getting a body suit, but I am finally on my way to completing what is for me, the perfect tattoo situation on this bod. I know that society is lightening up and it's more commonplace nowadays, but after doing some time in the MidWest and getting the side-eye pretty much everywhere I went, it's clear to me there is a ways to go. Tattooing is not a new concept (see Nora below) but the "tattoos are for bikers and convicts" notion is waning more and more. 

Progress! After starting my rocket/butterfly/sugar skull adventure and having to leave it unfinished (BOOHISSBOO), I did some serious recon once we were back in Vegas and found exactly who I wanted to complete the job! 
Downtown Tattoo (11th & Fremont) is THE perfect shop. 
Buddy Holiday is not only one of the coolest fellas I've had the pleasure of meeting, he is an 
AH-MAY-ZEENG artist.

I was champing at the bit (did you know it's "champing" not "chomping"? Huh.) to get my first appointment in the books and had to reschedule (BOOHISSBOO again). Once I was able to finally get in Buddy's chair, I was giddy! He not only brought my sugar skull to life (quality photo coming soon) with vibrant colors and a gold tooth to boot, he added star and dot filler, a sweetie little swallow and the pièce de rèsistance...

I love, love, love it! 

Thank you Buddy, for getting me back in tattoo action and doing such fantastic work! I'll be seeing you again soon. Real soon.